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EHB Solutions are accredited agents for a variety of the UK’s top Universities and ensure you come to the UK to study the right course, at the right time and to the greatest value to your future career.

EHB Solutions are accredited agents for a variety of the UK’s top Universities

We ensure you come to the UK to study the right course, at the right time and to the greatest value to your future career.

EHB Solutions was founded by Jon Barrett to provide entrepreneurship, business turnaround and business growth consultancy to his portfolio of clients in the UK. Working nationwide across all sectors Jon has many years of experience starting, building, and growing businesses including business turnaround for businesses who are experiencing severe difficulties.

In 2014 Jon was increasingly being contacted by International Universities (clients from when he was Commercial and International Director for the tenth largest University in the UK) asking for assistance with summer schools for international students, ad hoc consultancy, provision of English language teachers, facilitation of internationalisation of education, and to provide lectures on entrepreneurship and innovation.

In 2017 Laura Meloni joined the Board as Director of Marketing and Recruitment bringing her experience as an international student and passion for London to the company. In 2018 Jon and Laura were delighted to welcome Jon’s eldest daughter Natasha to the Board as Director of Student Satisfaction bringing her experience as a student in London and vast experience of student welfare, satisfaction, and success as Chair of Trustees and President of the Students’ Union of Royal Holloway University of London. Jon, Laura and Natasha have been joined by a number of key specialists and partners over the past year.



Jon Barrett

Jon has over thirty years experience including full time Board level and interim Director positions in the private, public and third sectors:

In the private sector he has built and run businesses at SME and corporate level in a range of different industries including retail, manufacturing, and information technology.

In the third sector he merged four charities to create one which provided free advice to over 10,000 disadantaged people per annum.

In the public sector he built the commercial and international business of Liverpool John Moores University to a turnover of £26m per annum as well as establishing the Centre for Entrepreneurship which created over 300 graduate businesses during his tenure.

Jon’s passion is helping individuals and businesses to realise their dreams and to thrive!

Laura Meloni

Laura fell in love with London at the first sight when, at the age of 17, she visited the UK capital in a holiday with her Aunt. The soul of the city, her love for the British music – the Clash, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones have always been in her CD reader – the street artists in every corner, the punks in Camden Town and the never ending museums and exhibitions have stayed in her memory ever since.

Many years later, after a University Degree in Languages and Communication and having developed her career in different fields – from journalism to sales – the link with this city was so strong that, in a fit of madness, Laura decided to move to London, where she attended a Post-Graduate course at the London School of Journalism – and she never went back!

In 2016 Laura met Jon in a restaurant when he was hosting a group of international students. Having been herself an international student, she was really fascinated by the philosophy behind Jon’s company. The day after Laura joined Jon and the students for their farewell dinner and that was the beginning of a strong and sincere friendship.

Now Laura works for EHB as a Director, always hoping that their hosts leave London with the same amazing feeling she had when the first time she visited the city with the eyes of a teenager!


Natasha Barrett

Natasha studied at Royal Holloway, University of London and developed a passion for supporting and inspiring students.

She has spent two years as Chair of Trustees and Students’ Union President at RHUL and sits on the university’s governing body as well as working on a huge range of projects and campaigns that aim to help students and young people.

As an aspiring activist and campaigner involved in national movements, she is aspiring to continue a varied and exciting career working at charity organisations across London.

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